Requinarium 2019
Grau du Roi 2019
Méditerranée 2019

About thirty years ago I had quite often recurring nightmares, to whom my smooth but angsty insomnia was due I guess.

The good thing about such those fearful nightmares was that there was no surprise effect. A bad thing about their repetitive nature was the I already knew what was going to happen and yet I couldn’t avoid going through.

One of them worst used to took place in a crowdy but happy St Marc Square, with my granny, when a bomb was discovered near her and my legs began to feel weak and my crying came out soundless.

In January 2019 thousand of people’s best option is to get into this hell, trying to transform the ending in an uncertain dream, many of them finish as my nightmares, but won’t wake up shouting.


Metal & Nature


Je ne suis pas manuel , du tout, apparemment dans ma famille c’est une generation sur deux, bien fait pour mon fils. Chez mes grandparents c’était la Nonna la bricoleuse “Ton grand père, s’il plante un clou termine a l’hospital” se moquait mon père.
Personnellement, je’i toujours préféré regarder le savoir faire des autres,
J’adore essayer de comprendre leur positionnement face a l’épreuve, de l’étude du sujet jusqu’a la réalisation ou au dépassement de la question.
S’exprimer à travers un objectif me permet d’accompagner ces procès jusqu’à la dernière étape, la création, de laquelle la photographie peut être respectueuse observatrice.
En vacance mon Nonno passait des journées entières au bar du terrain de boules, à regarder des parties de cartes avec une cinquantaine d’ autres vieux, quatre joueurs, et un café

Cold stones

L’entrée, Laroque 2018

I solidi possono essere distinti in cristallini e amorfi a seconda che sia individuabile o no una struttura regolare nella disposizione delle particelle che li compongono

La struttura cristallina di un solido ne influenza profondamente le proprietà.

Día de boda

Los recién casados
Perros Malagueños
Poil Man


The one that took place on 16/11/18 was more than just a wedding for me: it was my first ever,  and I’m proud to admit that I was caught by prejudice while considering it a nice but childish caprice, superflue. A few dozens guests, two beautiful lovers and some old friends that never really left us, a great day and a better night.

I also have to apologize for thinking about wedding photography as ” commercial”: I shot 15 films in ’48h and I loved it. Once again the camera helped me to focus on things in a different way, and make me think about how your attitude towards things can completely overthrow a feeling, a situation, a person.

So here I am, a bitch with an eye for rent

it’s a long way

chez Nené 2017

7 years ago I arrived in south of France; it took me almost 5 to begin discovering this beautiful region.

At the beginning it was quite frustrating, kind of a paralysis: couldn’t find any spot, any nice and isolated place.

The more I tried the less I could.

Then suddenly my wandering became fruitful , and so I understood the meaning of one of those platitudes you always read about:

“Travel must begin from the inside”

which I guess is a pathetic attempt of offsetting my sedentary lifestyle , anyway…

and maybe it’s just another bullshit, and I need a plane ticket to other continents